About me

Welcome to Bricks Not Just For Kids!

My name is Gabi, mother of a little boy and expecting another child 🙂

My son`s passion for building blocks (especially LEGO) inspired me to create this site.

I love playing with him, creating something simply by using our imagination or just following instructions and building up a vehicle.

Well known that during play with blocks, children discover new possibilities (design, technology, even architecture, math), develop language and communication skills, interaction leads to better cooperation, problem-solving, and last but not least it`s FUN.

Fun for all ages: small children, youngsters, adults, and the elderly.

Everybody can find and discover something new and entertaining. It can be a great activity on those dark, rainy days and something that brings the family together and even closer.

I hope I can help you to find the same enjoyment by sharing brand new ideas, the latest news, upcoming releases, and retiring sets.



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